Women Smoking Cigars

For a long time women smoking cigars was considered uncommon. A lady with a huge smoking cigar in her hand just didn't sit right with men and other women. Woman were supposed to be dainty and feint-like, not powerful and individual. This is changing now as women drop their traditional role as shut-up housewife and stand up and do the things they enjoy, such as smoking a fine cigar. Cigar smoking is no longer for powerful businessmen and queens of countries, but for an everyday woman, who wanted to pick up a cigar and show who she really is.

When a woman is smoking a cigar you know not to mess with her, she is powerful and has money whether she or her husband makes it. Some will even support women in their endeavor to smoke cigars, "let them take their power back" men say. "They look sexy and smoookiiin' when they're smoking!" another man might say. 

Women aren't smoking only mild or flavored cigars either, you'll find that a few woman here and tither love to smoke on the most robust cigars there is. Women will gain alot of respect from men for smoking the same type of cigars that they do. Sometimes you'll find women relaxing in cigar lounges every once in awhile, smoking on their select cigar of choice. Chatting it up with the fellas. 

Don't be so surprised, but around 20 or 30 years ago, only a tenth of a percent of cigar smokers were women. Nowadays, 2% of all cigars that are bought are bought by women! That's a 30 fold increase! See the trend? Imagine how many women will be smoking cigars in the next 10 or 20 years. Gonna have to enact new anti-cigar laws. Hahaha (I hope not)
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